The political principals of our human chain

  1. Our human-chain is one further peaceful meant step in our campaign for the immediate closure of Tihange 2 and Doel 3, the two most dangerous nuclear power-plants (NNP) in our tri-national-region.
  2. We support all efforts for sufficient replacement of power production installations. We want fast investments in 100 % renewable and circular energy and in deep energy saving programs. By this we speak out against any fossil or nuclear fuelled electricity.
  3. We want to guarantee sufficient electricity for all and the right for energy for everybody. The energy pricing should be fair and payable for those who have little purchasing power-plan.
  4. We are bothered by the problems of a social just transition from nuclear to renewable power. Therefore facilities must be created to the nuclear workers to adapt themselves to new branches of activity. This development should be done with the participation of the workers, citizens and their different organisations.