Local human chain groups

Together with other people of your town/village you can found a local human-chain group. You can do the following things:

  • distributing information material (flyer, posters, postcards etc.), display them at hotspots and keep supplies coming
  • mobilize other people/groups to participate at the chain from your home town/city/village e.g. companies, clubs, schools, local environment groups
  • organize information-events, where you inform people about the issue of Tihange and the human-chain-action.
  • organize a bus or a car sharing pool (in your town) for the travel to the human chain on the 25. of June
  • you can organize with groups of your place to gether a  transparente painting event for the actio
  • and all others things you have in mind…

If you like, we can list your local human-chain group on this website. Thereby people of your region can contact you. Please send us via info@stop-tihange.org.

Here you can find the Local human chain groups in Germany, the Netherlands and in Belgium (Flanders/Wallonia) . Feel free to contact the local groups.