Join us!

Only together we can make the human chain (90 km human chain from Tihange via Liège and Maastricht to Aachen) become reality.

Each meter counts! Register now to be part of the chain!

Whether alone, as a couple or as part of a group (friends, family, club/association etc.) every person counts. Here you can register.

Here you find Local-groups, which organise local mobilisation (e.g. travel to the action) which you can contact directly.

Motivate others to participate at the human chain:
Next to your participation on 25 June you can already motivate people to join you and create a part of the chain – it is even more fun together. When you are looking for group you can think of your sports club, people from your neighbourhood, colleagues, fellow students or friends.
You are also welcome to print your own material or to order some material.

Start a local group for promoting the human-chain:
Together with other people of your town/village you can found a local human-chain group. You can do the following things:

  • distributing information material (flyer, posters, postcards etc.), display them at hotspots and keep supplies coming
  • mobilize other people/groups to participate at the chain from your home town/city/village e.g. companies, clubs, schools, local environment groups
  • organize information-events, where you inform people about the issue of Tihange and the human-chain-action.
  • organize a bus or a car sharing pool (in your town) for the travel to the human chain on the 25. of June
  • you can organize with groups of your place to gether a  transparente painting event for the actio
  • and all others things you have in mind…

If you like, we can list your local human-chain group on this website. Thereby people of your region can contact you. Please send us via

Help us on the day of the human chain:
We need a lot of help for the day when the human chain takes place, for example people that can serve as contact persons for the people in a specific part of the chain (e.g. in a range of 1-3 km) and as a coordinator in this part. If you feel motivated to do a job like this please register as a participant and tick the box “I would also like to register as area manager” or send an email to .

Join us in the organisation of the human chain:
The organisation of a tri-national human chain of 90 km is a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. If you are motivated to already support us in the preparation of the chain you can tick the box “I would like to help organize the chain” when you register or send us an email at